CDM® can be machined into pallets according to customer expectations. CDM® provide the following benefits when machined into pallets:

  • Significant reduction of solder defects holding PCB flat during soldering process
  • Heat protection of sensitive components
  • Prevention of damages caused by electrostatic discharge
  • Automatic and continuous functionality from screen paste or components placement to final control, increasing productivity and reducing handling
  • Ability to maintain flat printed circuit board substrate during assembly process avoiding twisting and warpage of flexible, large or small PCBs
  • Increased productivity by panelizing several PCBs on one pallet

Because of its proven quality and versatility, CDM is ideal for a nearly unlimited number of uses including silk screen printing, surface mount placement, flow soldering, manual insertion, in-line cleaning, automatic component insertion and “bed of nails” testing.


  • Electrostatic dissipative
  • Superior machinability
  • Excellent mechanical properties at soldering temperatures
  • Full resistance to solder adhesion without any surface treatment
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to chemical agents (flux and solvents)
  • Retains dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • Highly resistant to thermal and impact shocks

Common CDM applications include Flow Solder Carriers (Dedicated/Adjustable), Surface mount pallets

Form: Sheet

Thickness: 3mm to 14mm

Colour – Black

Standard Sheet Size: 1350mm x 2350mm


CDM Black

Properties Unit Value
Flexural strength at 23°C Mpa 400
Flexural strength at 20°C Mpa >200
Modulus of elasticity at 23°C Mpa 20,000
Modulus of elasticity at 200°C Mpa >12,000
Surface Resistivity Ohm/square 105-109
Density g/cm3 1.9
Water Absorption % 0.15
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K 0.2
Maximum Operating Temperature °C 300
Continuous Operating Temperature °C 260

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