Glass Epoxy

Fire Retardant Glass-Reinforced Laminates are good electrical and heat resistant material. They are typically used in the fabrication of PCB board for use in the electronics industry, however, its applications have been extending into other industry as well. Grinded glass epoxy laminates are also available with thickness tolerance falling within +/- 0.1mm, this option of glass epoxy laminated sheet will help to reduce machining time and increase product accuracy.

Common Glass Epoxy Application includes Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), electronics, electrical and communication insulation, PCB, test board, spacer, cooling system vent window, relays, switches, standoffs, busbars, washers, arc shields, transformers screw terminal strips and etc.

Glass Epoxy Laminate are available in sheet, rod and pipe forms.

Colour: G10 – Green & Black, G11 – Yellow
Standard Size: Sheet – 1020mm x 1220mm, Rod – 1000mm
Thickness: 0.1mm to 80mm
Diameter: 6mm to 95mm
*Special Thickness/Diameter can be Made-to-Order

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ESD G10 is use in environment where static electricity is undesirable. It is an additional anti-static layer added on to the original G10, erasing and preventing static electricity, and protecting influence from static electricity during the production process.

Application for ESD G10 includes Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), electronics, electrical and communication insulation and PCB test board.

ESD G10 are available only in sheet form.

Colour: Green & Black
Standard Size: 1020mm x 1220mm
Thickness: 3mm to 15mm
*Special Thickness can be Made-to-Order

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Halogen Free (HF) G10 offers a halogen free alternative to the normal G10/ FR4 Glass Epoxy Laminates. Commonly used in PCB boards for consumer electronics such as mobile phone, tablets and many others, HF-G10 is also procured for its properties against toxic smoke in case of fire and provides good performance during lead free soldering.

Applications: Telecom, Mobile devices, Consumer Electronics, PCB board, etc.

HF G10 are available in sheet form.

Colour: Yellow & Black
Standard Size: 1020mm x 1220mm
Thickness: 0.1mm to 3mm

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Paper/ Cloth Phenolic Laminate – Commonly known as Bakelite, are available in two different bases, paper and cloth. Bakelite is typically used for its resistant properties against heat, sound, chemical, friction and electrical non-conductivity. It is now more often used in products such as electrical insulators, radio and telephone casings. Other applications of Bakelite are kitchenware, jewelry, pipe stems, firearms, and children’s toys.

Applications include PCB, test boards, placemat for machineries, gears, washer, heavy motor control parts, spacer, electronics, electrical and communication insulation parts.

Available in Sheet, Rod (Cloth) and Pipe (Cloth) forms.

Colour: Paper – Orange & Black, Cloth – brown.
Standard Size: Paper – 1020mm x 1220mm, Cloth 1220mm x 1220mm, Rod – 1000mm
Thickness: 0.5mm to 50mm
Diameter: 6mm to 100mm

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Glastherm is commonly used for its excellent heat resisting properties in mold insulation applications. It can withstand up to 280 degrees celsius. Having a strong structural strength/ composition, Glastherm is designed to withstand high molding pressure and rough handling even at process temperatures, it also resist oil and have minimal water absorbtion, and is asbestos-free.

Glastherm is available in sheet form.

Colour: Beige
Standard Size: 1220mm x 2440mm
Thickness: 6mm to 25mm

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Composite Delmat Material (CDM) – CDM is widely used in the electronics industry for making solder pallet due to its high temperature resistance, good fabrication qualities, chemical resistance, electrostatic dissipative properties and also the ability to be detectable by sensors.

Even at high temperatures of up to 300 degrees celsius, CDM retains its mechanical strength very well. It is specially designed to prevent deformation, thus maximising the life cycle for extensive production. CDM is also designed for safe working in ESD environment.

CDM is available in Sheet form.
Colour: Black
Standard Size: 1350mm x 2350
Thickness: 3mm to 14mm

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Amlite 1

Amlite Material – By using woven glass fabric as the base and an extra high temperature resistance formula chemical resin, Amlite is designed and manufactured to be used for Wave Soldering Pallet material. It’s short-term high temperature resistance of 380°C is good against thermal shock that can happen during the process and excellent machinability and durability makes it a preferred choice over other materials for this application.

Amlite is also equipped with homogeneous Anti-Static (ESD) properties, making it suitable for use in static sensitive environment even after machining.

Amlite is available in Sheet form.
Colour: Black
Standard Size: 1220mm x 1020mm
Thickness: 2mm to 20mm

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Carbon Fibre Reinforced Sheet – Carbon Fibre is known to be one of the strongest yet lightweight material in the market today. Commonly used in many structural application where product weight is one of the biggest obstacles and will significantly affect the performance of these products. Typically used for spare parts or event body structure of products such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), RC Vehicle, High Performance Bicycle and etc.

Application: Accessories and Structure for Drones, High Performance Bicycle, UAV, Personal Mobility Device (PMD), Racing Car and Etc.

Available in Sheet Form
Colour: Matt Black
Standard Size: 500mm x 400mm
Thickness: 0.5mm to 4mm
Other Sizes and Thicknesses can be available upon request.

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