The installation or upgrading of mold base or press platen insulation is one of the highest-returning investments a molding operation can make today. Properly insulated molds require less energy to operate. Adequate insulation also facilitates temperature regulation within the tool.

GlasTherm thermal insulating sheet is a preferred option for most mold insulation applications. GlasTherm sheet offers significant advantages when compared to other materials such as meca, asbestos concrete or calcium silicate.

Some of GlasTherm properties:

  • Efficient thermal barrier
  • High mechanical strength and toughness to resist the effects of molding pressure and rough handling
  • Resistant to oil and water absorption
  • Completely asbestos-free.

Form: Sheet

Thickness: ¼” (6.35mm), 3/8” (9.525mm), ½” (12.7mm), ¾” (19.05mm), 1” (25.4mm)

Colour – White

Standard Sheet Size: 1220mm x 2440mm


Material Specification

Comparative Information ASTM Procedure Units Grade HT200
Continuous use temperature °F/ °C 412/ 200
Maximum service temperature °F/ °C 550/ 285
Compressive strength at 75oF D 695 Psi 49,000
Compressive strength at 392oF D 695 Psi 18,000
Water absorption D 570 % by weight 0.2
Thermal conductivity C 177 Btu•In/Hr•Ft2 °F 1.9

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