Riss CF-50 Tapping & Cutting Fluid

Riss Tapping and Cutting Fluid – Riss Tapping and Cutting Fluid is different from other EP fluid as it does not contain sulfur phosphorus or chlorine. This will help to prevent stain and increase sump life of the machine. Other properties for Riss Tapping and Cutting Fluid includes:

– Stain resistance
– Improved surface finishing
– Foam resistance
– Good tool life
– Fine rust protection
– Quick heat transfer

Riss Tapping and Cutting Fluid is commonly used for all stainless and high nickel steel, non-ferrous metal such as copper, brass alloy and aluminum.

Available in two different volume packaging.
Ready for use – 1 Pint (473ml)
Refill Bottle – 5 Litres

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PN 55 Rust Remover – PN55 is a solution used to prevent and remove rust. Its key advantage over other rust removing agent is that PN55 is odourless and it has high lubricating effect due to the presence of PTFE compound. Some of the feature are:

– Odourless
– Self-Lubricating
– Loosen parts due to rust
– Prevent and remove rust

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Hand Press

HandPress - Handpress is used in many different engineering sector to provide solution for different applications. User can leverage on the specially designed mechanism to produce higher forces. It is generally utilised for light duty processes, some of it’s feature are:

– Linear Stroke and Force
– Constant force can be applied for a period of time
– Adjustable height to suit different application
– Easily modified to suit individual needs (Modular Parts)
– Light Weight (Approximate 7.5KG)

Common Handpress applications includes Snap fitting of parts, Dismantling, Bending and Forming, Assembly of bushes, bearings, pins.

Available in three different dimension.

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blacking spray

Blacking Spray – Blacking Spray is a black spray paint with chemical properties that may be used on metal surfaces to prevent rust. Some of its features are:

– Can be used on different metal surface, such as, iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, POM and ABS resin.
– High concentration of graphite and high adhesion of resin
– Constant thickness finishes
– Does not peel easily

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