Electro-static dissipative (ESD) glass epoxy laminated sheets may be used in static sensitive electronic equipment. Its base material is G-10 glass epoxy, an additional layer of ESD laminate is added on the top to provide electro-static dissipative qualities.


  • Erase static electricity
  • Prevent generation of electrostatic
  • Protection from static electricity in production processes

Applications: PCB, test boards and other static sensitive electronic purposes

Form: Sheet

Thickness: 3mm to 15mm (Other thickness may be made-to-request)

Colour – Green, Black

Standard Sheet Size: 1020mm X 1220mm


Experimental Project Unit ESD Anti-Static Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet
Dielectric perpendicular to laminations by voltage (in 1 minute) Kv/mm 15 ~ 20
Dielectric breakdown perpendicular to laminations by voltage Kv/mm 25 ~ 35
Dielectric parallel to laminations by voltage (in 1 minute) Kv/ 15mm 25
Dielectric breakdown parallel to laminations Kv/ 15mm 45 ~ 60
Object insulation resistance Ω -cm 5×1013
ESD superficial impedance Ω 107-109
Elongation strength 20 ~ 28
Flexural strength 35 ~ 45
Compressive strength 35 ~ 45
Impact strength 50 ~ 70
Specific gravity 1.9 ~ 2.1
Hardness HR-R 120 ~ 125
Colour Light green, Black
Water absorption 0.14
Heat resistance ℃ /2hr 180 。 ~ 200 。 H Rank
Resistance Non-flammable

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