Halogen Free Glass Epoxy Laminate BLACK


Halogen Free Glass Epoxy Laminates are used in electrical insulation of appliance lines, electronic lines and mechanic lines. HF-G10 is created from electrical alkali-free glass cloth that has been impregnated with an epoxy resin under high pressure and cold setting process. HF-G10 are usually use as a supporting board of Flexible Printed Circuitry (FPC) or IC assembly for consumer electronics as it will not produce hazardous substance such as hydrogen halide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide when it is burned.


Telecom, Mobile devices, Consumer Electronics, PCB board, etc.

Form: Sheet

Thickness: 0.1mm to 3mm

Colour – Yellow, Black

Standard Sheet Size: 1020mm X 1220mm

*Thicker sheets are available upon request.

*Material cutting service available upon request.


ITEM UNIT Halogen Free Glass Epoxy (HF-G10)
Dielectric perpendicular to laminations by voltage (in 1 minute) KV/mm 15-20
Dielectric breakdown perpendicular to laminations by voltage KV/mm 22-33
Dielectric parallel to laminations by voltage (in 1 minute) KV/mm 25
Dielectric parallel to laminations by voltage KV/mm 45-60
Object insulation resistance W-cm 5 x 1013
Surface insulation resistance W 5 x 1013
Elongation strength Kg/mm2 20-28
Flexural strength Kg/mm2 35-45
Compressive strength Kg/mm2 35-45
Impact strength Kg.cm/cm2 50-70
Specific gravity 1.9-2.1
Hardness ASTM-D 90-95
Colour Light Yellow / black
Water absorption % 0.14
Heat resistance °C/2Hr 160-180
Flammability Non-flammable

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