PVC is a common thermoplastic and it is suitable for use at temperatures between -10oC to 60oC. It is a good electrical insulator and absorbs very little moisture. It can be sealed or glued and is widely used for chemical tanks, gears and pipes.

PVC Features:

  • High chemical stability
  • Very low flammability
  • High solidity elastic modulus
  • Lower resistance to abrasion
  • Lower resilience at low temperatures
  • Lower resistance to stress
  • Possible to obtain excellent electrical properties especially in a field of low voltages and frequency.

Semi-processed PVC products are available in the form of sheets, tubes, sections, solid bars, hollow bars, films, connections and valves.



Applications includes Construction of tanks for industrial plants, Gears & forced pipelines for water and chemical industry, Waste & drain pipes and general plant engineering for the treatment of waste water.

Form: Sheet, Rod

Thickness: Up to 50mm

Diameter: Up to 200mm

Colour – Clear, Grey

Standard Size: Sheet – 1220mm x 2440mm, Rod – 1000mm

Description Unit Method Density
Mechanical Properties
Density g/ cm2 ISO1183 1.35
Tensile Strength MPA ISO527 55
Breaking Strength @ 23oC MPA ISO527 30
Elongation at break @ 23oC % ISO527 33
Rockwell hardness MPA ISO2039-1 120
Notch Impact Strength KJ/m2 ISO179 3
Modulus of Elasticity MPA ISO527 3000
Electrical Characteristic
Volume resistance Ohm.cm VO303 >1015
Dielectric strength Kv/ mm VO303 20

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